Endura Flap Single Flap Door Mount Pet Door


High quality pet door that provides superior insulation in temperatures as low as -40 degrees and over 110 degrees Fahrenheit
Magnets on the side and bottom of the flap to keep your pet door sealed in winds up to 50mph. Magnet strength can be adjusted for easy pet training or senior pets.
Includes a free locking cover to secure your home when you are away or to lock your pets inside or outside. Security cover is made out of strong ABS plastic with the strength of 1/16th inch of steel.

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The Endura Flap is the most insulating pet door in the market. Unlike most pet doors, there are magnets on the side of the flap in addition to the bottom magnets to add extra wind resistance. This dog door has been proven to make pet owners all over the world happy, from the hot desert to the snowy mountains. If your dog is new to pet doors, the magnet strength is adjustable for easy training. Since the flap is made out of a polyolefin-based polymer instead of vinyl like many other pet doors, the flap will not warp over time and remain flexible and comfortable for your pet to use in all temperatures. The Endura Flap’s heavy extruded aluminum frame is super durable and will withstand multiple active dogs using this pet door multiple times a day. To ensure that you are satisfied with your pet door, the manufacturer has offered a generous 15 year warranty. If you are worried about the secruity of your home with the Endura Flap pet door installed, a free secure locking cover is included to keep out any unwanted intruders. This locking cover can also be used to keep your dog inside or outside. Four sizes from small to extra large will fit most pets including cats and large-breed dogs! Note: Endura Flaps are not recommended for use by kittens or very small dogs. Cats and tiny dogs have been successful using the Small, however a few have found the Medium difficult to use. We would not recommend using the Large or Extra Large or any of the double flap versions for cats. Small Dimensions: Flap Size – 6″ w x 11″ h, Rough Cut Out – 8 3/8″ w x 15″ h, Outside Frame Dimensions – 9 7/16″ w x 16″ h. Medium Dimensions: Flap Size – 8″ w x 15″ h, Rough Cut Out – 10 1/2″ w x 19″ h, Outside Frame Dimensions – 11 1/2″ w x 20″ h. Large Dimensions: Flap Size – 10″ w x 19″ h, Rough Cut Out – 12 1/2″ w x 23″ h, Outside Frame Dimensions – 13 9/16″ w x 24″h. Extra Large Dimensions: Flap Size – 12″ w x 23″ h, Rough Cut Out – 14 5/8″ w x 27 1/8″, Outside Frame Dimensions – 15 5/8″ w x 28″ h

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